Azure SQL Data Warehouse – How to start?

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Azure SQL Data Warehouse just open for limited public preview. In this article I will provide short guidance to start with it.



  • Microsoft Azure Subscription – of course you need it. You can start sign up your free account within 5 minutes to get $200 to spend on all Azure services;
  • Make a registration from Preview Features and wait to receive Microsoft’s approval email to use Azure SQL Data Warehouse.

Provision Data Warehouse resources step by step

  • Access to Azure Preview Portal with your organisation or Microsoft account;
  • Click on New button –> select Data + Storage –> select SQL Data Warehouse;


  • Select performance option (in my scenario, the smallest DWU is enough) and select the database server (I choose the existing one, but you can easily create new database for your data warehouse project);


  • Select database (can be blank database or sample database – AdvantureWorksDW – as I did with this guidance);


  • You also need to define your account and password for server admin login;


  • Click on Create button and wait for 15 minutes and you can start to work with you data warehouse project.

Important Notes

  • Pause your database and you only pay for commodity storage cost.


Son Nguyen

Son Nguyen

Son Nguyen is a Cloud Consultant working for FPT Software’s Cloud Innovation team. With deep knowledge in AWS and MS Azure, Son acts as a cloud consultant in various areas, ranging from assessment to architecture design, supporting customers from Japan, EU to US.

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