Azure VM – Minutes to set-up Windows 10 in Azure

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Here is step-by-step tutorial, how to setup and log in to your Windows 10 Preview virtual machine in Azure (of course you need an Azure account and need to pay for your VIRTUAL MACHINE, but don’t be worry, Microsoft is offering you $200 free, let register, try and feel).
The first step is creating a new Virtual Machine from the Gallery.


The gallery contains hundreds of images for you, please search for “Windows 10 Technical Preview for Enterprise (x64)”.


Choose the version (my choice is latest one), fill the name and a proper size for your virtual machine. You also need to fill your information of username and password.


The next step is to configure the DNS name to connect to your machine and the storage. In my case I selected my exiting cloud service and storage account, but you can let Azure create the new one automatically.


The (almost) final step is to add other extension to your VIRTUAL MACHINE (including VIRTUAL MACHINE Agent, Configuration and Security) and start provision your VIRTUAL MACHINE. Azure will takes minutes to create new instance, take a break, go around and come back to review new version of Windows.


Use the connect button at the bottom of the page to download and run a preconfigured RDP file.


At the login dialog, select other account and type in the credentials you defined a few minutes before and please remember with none Windows server version you must use localhost domain.


And here the new start menu and command line tool from Windows 10, they’re great.



I’m also starting to install the Visual Studio 2015 Preview on my instance.



Please shut your instance down if you don’t use it and restart when necessary, Microsoft will charge you for all instance’s running time.


Son Nguyen

Son Nguyen

Son Nguyen is a Cloud Consultant working for FPT Software’s Cloud Innovation team. With deep knowledge in AWS and MS Azure, Son acts as a cloud consultant in various areas, ranging from assessment to architecture design, supporting customers from Japan, EU to US.

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