Microsoft brings real-time analytics to HDInsight

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In September and October 2014, Microsoft announced the preview of Apache Storm and HBase on Azure HDInsight.


Figure 1 – Storm and HBase on HDInsight

  • Apache Storm is an open source project in the Hadoop ecosystem which gives users access to an event-processing analytics platform that can reliably process millions of events. Now, users of Hadoop can gain insights to events as they happen in real-time.
  • HBase is an Apache open source NoSQL database built on Hadoop that provides random access and strong consistency for large amounts of unstructured and semi-structured data. Data is stored in the rows of a table and data within a row is grouped by column family.

Azure now provides us the benefit of

  • Being easy to setup (with few clicks and few minutes)
  • Having high availability (clusters are monitored 24/7 and under the Azure SLA for up-time)
  • Having elastic scale (where more resources can be added on-demand)
  • Being integrated to the board Azure ecosystem


Figure 2 – Few clicks to setup

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Son Nguyen

Son Nguyen

Son Nguyen is a Cloud Consultant working for FPT Software’s Cloud Innovation team. With deep knowledge in AWS and MS Azure, Son acts as a cloud consultant in various areas, ranging from assessment to architecture design, supporting customers from Japan, EU to US.

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